UN Rio+20 Campaign

Print and audiovisual campaign for the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The big novelty of this meeting is that, for the first time in history, the UN decide to share the discussion with the common people, taking advantage of the new technologies and bringing up the question 'How do you want the future will be?'. A website allows everyone to answer with ideas, suggestions or even developed projects to be evaluated by a team specially created on the occasion


'I am we. And you are we too. All of us are we. If we want, we can. If we imagine, we will make it happen. Because the future will be how we want it to be. The UN offers you the opportunity to take part in the conference on sustainable development. A conference which became an open conversation focused on three big areas: social, environmental and economic. You just have to imagine the future you would like and send a text, photo or video with your point of view. For the future be how we want it to be, join the biggest conversation about the future: ofuturoquenosqueremos.org.br'


'I am we, I am we, I am we... you are we, all of us are we. We have the power to build a fairer future, a future without poverty, a greener future, a more balanced future, a more peaceful future, a much more optimistic future… and prettier than me! More what? More... If we want, we can. If we imagine, we will make it happen. The future will be how we want it to be: ofuturoquenosqueremos.org.br'

We, aged 51, artist: 'I believe the most important questions are the basic ones: how are we going to feed ourselves, where are we going to sleep and where should we seek protection from the elements? In order to become ecologically aware, and before tackling the Environment with useless and ill thought-out programs, we must first develop an ecological frame of mind and adapt ourselves to new ways of seeing things, even more emotional ways'

We, aged 65, writer: 'What could happen in the next 20 years? Crossroads: we can go straight to fundamentalism, conservatism, where governments will have an absolute power on people —a vision close to '1984'— or, if we accept our individual responsability, we are going to understand that we need to start to work right now or we will fall in the hands of authority and power, and that will not be good news to anybody'

We, aged 38, singer: 'In my opinion, education is the fundamental and crucial factor. I believe it's the springboard for integration among people so that they can be made more aware of life, the environment and racism. Brazil must seriously study and consider the importance of education much more carefully than it has in the past, I think education brings integration in a natural way'

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Creative direction and copywriting Paco Conde, photography Gustavo Malheiros and Cecilia Duarte and Javier Aristu, filmmaking Daniel Lieff, agency Ogilvy & Mather, client Gustavo Barreto and Valeria Schilling and Giancarlo Summa from United Nations and Rio de Janeiro City Council