Editorial Grijalbo Covers

Grijalbo, an editorial founded in 1962 in Barcelona, belongs now to the group Penguin Random House and is characterized to maintain in a prominent place of the literary panorama its most representative collections of gender

Isabel Menéndez defends the existence of a straightforward relation between emotions and conflicts with the food

Bestseller by Jay Bonansinga about a crime series supposedly commited by a man missed years ago in a mountain expedition

María José Zoilo Guzmán holds that life is much better if one allows oneself to be happy

Claudia González and Lourdes Alcañiz reveal some ways to prevent and to face up to children's obesity

Bestseller by Jilliane Hoffman book about a young lawyer who saw some things which she cannot talk about

Purificación Pujol advises on how to avoid conflicts before, during and after the breakup of a marriage

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Photography Cecilia Duarte and Getty Images, client Marta Borrell and Ferran López from Penguin Random House

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