Carrefour EMMA Branding

Anticipating imminent changes in the legislation on plastics and aware of the social responsibility associated with its size, Carrefour Spain begins to take steps towards sustainability with concrete actions and wants to integrate them into its communication discourse by recovering a sub-brand called 'Échale una Mano al Medio Ambiente' —Lend a Hand to Environment—

The brief

It asks for properly shaping the brand and create a discourse with a personality compatible with Carrefour, so that it can become its signature and voice for matters related to sustainability. For reasons that are now irrelevant, the name should be kept

The identity

The logotype needs to be very iconic and unequivocally 'green', be easy to reproduce cause it must be applied to all kinds of media and also have a good coexistence with the main brand. The tree formed by the text and the hand is soon modified because Carrefour changes its visual identity worldwide and must adapt to the new corporate guidelines

The communication

It is about creating the identity of the brand communication, defining both the visual part —the look— and the verbal one —the discourse and its tone—. In practice, it is being built by carrying out several campaigns focused on consumption and recycling, the two environmental issues that touch Carrefour more closely

In two moths we will start to stop distributing plastic bags because only a 10% is recicled, because they take 400 years to decompose and because like that a lot of animals we will breathe better

Recycling your wasted batteries you can avoid they end at the wrong place

The most important thing about this table is not visible: as the rest of our garden furniture, it has been manufactured using wood certificated by the Forest Stewardship Council, and that guarantees its minimum environmental mark

& Co

Strategy Alfil Negro, photography Cecilia Duarte and Carrefour, client Paloma Pérez and José Manuel Sánchez and Yolanda González from Carrefour Spain

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