Aristu & Co is a graphic design, art direction and creative direction company specially focused on visual identity and communication for brands and products. This translates into identity systems, logotypes, packaging, covers, publications or websites, and also into posters and graphic or audiovisual ad campaigns

Founded by Javier Aristu in 2005, its work combines the conceptual part of advertising with classic graphic design to achieve a more effective communication tool. The outcome is powerful, solid and lasting, avoids unnecessary decoration and can be seen in projects for clients such as Barcelona City Council, Carrefour, CCCB Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, ​​Chilevision, Penguin Random House or Telefónica

The way it works involves the client in the whole process, which on the one hand helps to personalize each project and on the other provides versatility to the studio. In addition, thanks to the usual association with other professionals, who join up depending on the needs, its structure is flexible and allows to assume different kind of projects: small and large, offline and online, commissions and accounts, etc


Carrer de Verdi 58 primero 1
Barcelona 08012
Phone +34 931 642 103
hola at aristu dot com
Telecom +34 692 804 256


'Direct and solid creative concepts together with a simple and powerful graphic formalization' —Olga Pérez Estrada, Communication Manager at Barcelona City Council

'Elegance in the manners, elegance in disagreeing and accepting opinions, elegance in the final outcome: a campaign that contributed, no doubt, to exhibition on Stanley Kubrick being the success that was' —Susana Fernández Alonso, Head of Advertising at CCCB Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona

'Its designs weigh, its opinions weigh too' —Toni Segarra, Founder and Creative General Director of the advertising agency *S,C,P,F...