WHAT Branding

At the beginning of the 21st century, in an accelerate social context where change management is inevitable —the way we relate, work or govern ourselves is constantly being redefined— and faced with the threat of the removal of philosophy from the study plans in Spain, a platform for the integration and spread of critical thinking and knowledge is born

The identity

WHAT because its fundamental product is knowledge, but it is also the acronym for 'We Here All Together' because its leitmotiv is that we are all in the same boat. The typographic work on the logotype suggests this idea and works as an own language when applied to headlines and other pieces

The product

The WHAT main product is an online magazine in which the three classic branches of knowledge —Arts, Sciences and Humanities— are integrated and this gives rise to content from disciplines as diverse as philosophy, cinema, politics, psychology, history or physics, among others

The audiovisual campaign

Promotional videos for the platform in general and for the project of a festival about the future in particular, are mainly used for presentations and as content for social media

The print campaign

These glasses allow you to see the world in a different way despite the fact that they do not have glasses actually, or perhaps precisely for that reason, and they also allow anyone to collaborate with WHAT because its voluntary price is a donation


It works together with the glasses in the campaign to get donations for WHAT and explains the goals and projects of the platform. Transparent paper reinforces the idea that all its content is related, together, connected


Posters celebrating the magazine first, second and third anniversaries with a compilation of all its covers, weekly first and periodical later

& Co

Programming Adrián Pérez, filmmaking Javier Navarro, collaboration Arturo Tollesson, client We Here All Together

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