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Viña Festival Campaign

The Viña del Mar International Song Festival is one of the most important musical shows in Latin America, a truly spectacular cultural event. Intending to transcend the Latin world and emphasizing its international character, the festival called for a global campaign designed for both the Latin and the Anglo-Saxon worlds, rather than thought in Latin and then adapted, as it used to

Lucía is amazing

You are amazing

The campaign is based on the universal ritual of celebration, present in all eras and cultures, and focuses on how amazing we people can be when we express our emotions freely

Luis is amazing

Carla is amazing

Víctor is amazing

Darío is amazing

& Co

Copywriting Claudio Letelier, photography Noli Provoste, processing Juan Delcán, filmmaking Sergio Quente, production Sagrado Films, post-production Juan Olivares, clients Álex Hernández and María José Acuña from Chilevision

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