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Fundación TPH Campaign

After a few years of great influence in the Chilean society and others of certain drift, the Fundación TPH (Trabajo para un Hermano / Work for a Brother) decided to face the repositioning of its brand, for which it was necessary to redesign its visual identity and create a proper speech for its communication, presented in this campaign

Your work

The foundation understands work as the capacity of each person to transform their environment. In Chile, its scope, there is a high rate of disaffection with work because it is lived in a passive way, and the campaign seeks to reverse that situation through reflection and commitment

Flor and her work

Mauricio and his work

Gladys and her work

Marcia and her work

You and your work

The graphic campaign is based on a test that helps to find out to each person how he/she takes with his/her work and that can be filled in the website of the foundation

TPH and your work

Through a test hosted on a microsite created for the occasion, the foundation can collect real information on how Chileans take their work

& Co

Copywriting Claudio Letelier, production Wood Films, filmmaking Rodrigo Marín, programming AP&Co and Amable, client Mauricio Rojas from Fundación TPH

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