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Debate, an editorial founded in 1977 in Madrid, is now the non-fiction quality label of the Penguin Random House group and is specialized in the publication of high-profile essay and narrative journalism

Andrés Oppenheimer analyzes the different political intentions for the near future in Latin America

Alfredo Bryce Echenique maintains that the existence of every human being passes under the influence of four essential experiences: loneliness, love, illness and happiness

Javier Valenzuela writes about José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero from the closeness provided by being his personal protocol advisor

Ramón Mullerat analyzes the big companies behaviour and its social responsibility

Enrique González Duro analyzes fears and worries in contemporary society from a psychiatric point of view

Terry Eagleton offers a deep investigation about terror and its role as a mechanism of control through the History under different points of view: political, philosophical, literary and theological

Ignasi Riera and Miguel-Anxo Murado try to take to pieces some clichés about Catalonia and Galicia. It was required covers avoiding any political connotation

Frank Schauff analyzes the Soviet and Communist involvement in the Spanish Civil War. Although the book is an essay, the editors wanted a bestseller-looking cover because the author is wide renown

Julia Lovell analyzes the Great Wall as a material and forceful affirmation of the Chinese feeling of being an advanced civilization, eager to be clearly differentiated from the barbarians who surround it

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Photography Jordi Socías and Sophie Guët and Getty Images, illustration Agustín Sciammarella, client Marta Borrell and Nuria Zaragoza and Ferran López from Penguin Random House

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