Pans & Company TV Pans & Company TV

Information. TV campaign for Pans & Company, a sandwiches restaurant where frequently besides sandwiches there are people too. 2001. & Co: agency SCPF, creative direction Toni Segarra, copywriting Turi Tollesson and Silvia González, filmmaking Isabel Coixet, client Agrolimen. Related projects: Pans & Company Paperclothes Pans & Company Print Pans & Company Bags Fb. Tw

–Girl: If you have a 2x1 offer, why you order the same sandwich twice? I can't understand it!
–Boy: Because I like ham sandwich, so I can perfectly eat two ham sandwiches.
–Girl: And you never thought in try another one, right?
–Boy: Why? I love this one.
–Girl: You always are... You never improvise, you never do anything original or daring!
–Boy: Does anybody want a ham sandwich? You look like a ham lover...
–Other girl: No, no...
–Boy: It seems I will have to eat it myself...
–Off: Pans & Jorge & Mónica: Pans & Company.

–Boy: What are you going to order?
–Girl: I don't know, and you?
–Boy: I don't know... The same that you.
–Girl: Oh no, forget it.
–Boy: Why not? I don't mind what to eat.
–Girl: I know perfectly well your 'I don't mind'... You will complain later.
–Waiter: Hello, can I help you?
–Boy: Excuse me, but that is what you do, not me.
–Other boy: Does anybody want a ham sandwich?
–Boy: Do you want it?
–Girl: I don't know, and you?
–Boy: I don't know.
–Waiter: Hello, can I help you?
–Off: Pans & Belén & Rafa: Pans & Company.

–Girl 1: I know what you are thinking...
–Girl 2: I don't know how you can do it, Silvia...This was a pig before!
–Girl 1: This was a pig before, and that was a happy little lettuce, I know...
–Girl 2: Could you read the article?
–Girl 1: I don't believe in this kind of things: no chakras, no mantras, no Budas, no reincarnations.
–Girl 2: That is because you never tried it.
–Girl 1: What? Reincarnation? No, I really never tried it.
–Boy: Does anybody want a ham sandwich? You look like a ham lover...
–Girl 2: No, no...
–Girl 2: He is not ugly, isn't?
–Girl 1: Forget it, he is a carnivorous.
–Off: Pans & Silvia & María: Pans & Company.