El Poble Campaign 2003 El Poble Campaign 2003

Information. Print campaign for El Poble Espanyol (The Spanish Village) which decided to change the perception the citizens of Barcelona had of it as a tourist place so as to approach them as a popular, playful and cultural place where more things than what it seems take place. Posters, flags, postcards and ads explained the offer by means of rodolins, a kind of couplets typical from Catalonia. 2003. & Co: agency Dayax, creative direction Evaristu Rodesson, graphic design and illustration Ainhoa Nagore and Sergi Pérez, client Joan Abellá and Mónica Motje. Related projects: El Poble Identity El Poble Campaign 2004 El Poble 75 Logo Fb. Tw
I like being from a village
I like being from a village
I like being from a village
More than 50 artcraftsmen making things with their own hands
It's a bird? It's a plane? It's a Barceló's piece!
It's raining, it's snowing, but things happen and going