Dewarism Dewarism

Information. Naming, logotype and visual identity of a concept in order to unify Dewar's Scotch Whisky worldwide communication. Dewarism is a kind of philosophical doctrine, based on the old writings of the company's founder, expressing the conviction that life can be enjoyed without giving up achievement and success. 2006. & Co: agency Villarrosàs, creative direction Oriol Villar, copywriting Claudio Letelier, graphic design Miquel Capo, client Bacardi & Martini. Related projects: Dewar's Special Reserve Fb. Tw
Manual of standards for the implementation of identity in communication pieces
Lord Thomas Dewar, founder of the company and inspirer of Dewarism, which collects his view on life, success and scotch
Launch of the concept in Bangkok, Thailand
Application of the brand global concept to the communication campaign in Spain
Example of application to direct marketing