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Information. Series of posters on environmental subjects. 2010. & Co: strategy Alfil Negro, graphic design Adrián Pérez, photography Cecilia Duarte, client Paloma Pérez and José Manuel Sánchez. Related projects: Carrefour MA Logo Carrefour MA Consumption Guide Carrefour MA Christmas Carrefour MA Recycling Guide Carrefour MA Bags Fb. Tw
In two moths we will start to stop distributing plastic bags because only a 10% is recicled, because they take 400 years to decompose and because like that a lot of animals we will breathe better
Recycling your wasted batteries you can avoid they end at the wrong place
The most important thing about this table is not visible: as the rest of our garden furniture, it has been manufactured using wood certificated by the Forest Stewardship Council, and that guarantees its minimum environmental mark