Carrefour MA Bags Carrefour MA Bags

Information. Reusable bags collection in which five illustrators were asked to work inspired by the tree appearing in the logo 'Lend a hand to the Environment', a motto created by Carrefour in order to sign all its communication pieces related to sustainbility. 2011. & Co: strategy Alfil Negro, graphic design Adrián Pérez, illustration Olaf Hajek and Kouzou Sakai and Bjorn Rune Lie and Adam Fisher and Pep Montserrat, client Paloma Pérez. Related projects: Carrefour MA Logo Carrefour MA Consumption Guide Carrefour MA Print Carrefour MA Christmas Carrefour MA Recycling Guide Fb. Tw
Olaf Hajek, Germany
Kouzou Sakai, Japan
Bjorn Rune Lie, Norway
Pep Montserrat, Spain
Adam Fisher, United Kingdom