Carrefour Identity Carrefour Identity

Information. Visual communication system for the Carrefour hypermarkets. Taking advantage of the application of its new corporate identity, made by the studio Wolff Olins, the company asked us for the creation of a system in order to organize all the information received by costumers in store. The first step was to separate it into two big groups: signposting (orientation messages) and communication (commercial messages). Then, this second group was clarified with three codes, depending on its content: brand (messages with corporate values), store (messages helping in the buying experience) and product (messages about product characteristics). Finally, the system was regulated with two detailed guideline books. 2011. & Co: strategy Alfil Negro, graphic design Adrián Pérez and Arantxa Reus and Oriol Pascual, photography Getty Images and Carrefour archive, client Paloma Pérez and David Martin. Related projects: Carrefour SC Identity Fb. Tw
Guidelines for the creation of communication and signposting pieces
Signposting: Some examples of the pictogram series inspired by the corporate typography Omnes
Communication: Overview on the three codes for messages about brand, store and product