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Aristu & Co is a design and communication studio that feels graphic design as a language, as a tool serving to communicate. Founded in 2005, its varied work for brands and products is characterized by a good balance between strategy, creativity and aesthetics, achieved after years of experience in two disciplines that, properly used, enrich each other: design and advertising

Selected clients

Ajuntament de Barcelona, Bacardi & Martini, Carrefour, CCCB Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, Chilevision, C de C Club de Creativos, DiBa Film Festival, FAD Fostering Arts and Design, Magro Cardona, Mstake, Nike, Penguin Random House, Sojasun, UN United Nations, WHAT


Carrer Església 4 primero B4
Barcelona 08024
Telecom +34 692804256
hola at aristu dot com


Branding (logotypes, naming, identity systems, signage), print and audiovisual (posters, videos, campaigns), digital (websites, apps, banners), editorial (catalogues, magazines, books), packaging (bottles, boxes, bags, any kind of pack)


'Specialization tends to limit the field of problems that the specialist deals with. However, the person who is not a specialist, but a generalist, deals with one thing that he has learned from a specialist and another thing that he has learned from another specialist, while neither of them has considered the problem of why something happens here and also there. This is how the generalist moves to a spectrum of different problems that are more human, one could say that specifically cultural' — Joseph Campbell (The power of myth)


Design is a means of expression and always expresses something
Design is a means and it is not an end
Design cannot exist without a commission
Design turns more or less abstract ideas into more or less concrete forms
Design is a process and outcome is the final part
Good design is conscious and invisible
Good design improves things
Good design eliminates everything that can be eliminated
Good design needs a good client besides a good designer
Good design does not need to be beautiful or awarded

Javier Aristu

Graduate in Graphic Design by Elisava School of Design and Engineering and Master in Branding and Packaging by the University of Barcelona. He learns there with John Sorrell, Mario Eskenazi or Pablo Martín, and becomes a graphic designer at Sostres Studio in 1993. After a few years as a freelance, he goes to the advertising agency Tiempo/BBDO for work with Enric Aguilera. Later Toni Segarra claims him for join the agency SCPF, where he forms a creative couple with the copywriter Arturo Tollesson, with whom he also lives his next labor adventure: associate creative directors at Dayax. After a brief partnership with Eva Conesa at Evaristu, in 2005 he founded his own design and communication studio, Aristu & Co, sharing projects and days with Adrián Pérez, Oriol Pascual or Arantxa Reus. Trained as a designer in a school well known for its discipline and soon surrounded by quality advertising creatives, his vision on communication has a good harmony between both worlds

He occasionally combines his work as a designer and creative director with other activities: professor of Graphic Communication and tutor of Final Projects at Bau Superior School of Design; professor of Art Direction at the Faculty of Communication of Pompeu Fabra University; member of the Board of Directors of ADG/FAD, Graphic Designers Association of FAD, Fostering Arts and Design; member of the jury in creative festivals like Los Laus in Barcelona, Club de Creativos in Madrid or El Ojo de Iberoamérica in Buenos Aires; speaker in institutions such as ADG/FAD, Club de Creativos, Design Hub Barcelona, Creative Dialogue Association, LCI Barcelona, Bau Superior School of Design, Eina School of Art and Design or Elisava School of Design and Engineering